Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Take the Leap!

Last Saturday I spent an afternoon at Sandcastle with my friends Khevna, Jenny and Sherry and their friends Biyan and Daiji. It was so much fun and I adore them! It had been a while since I went to a waterpark and I felt very daring as I slid down the twisting waterslides. I realized while I am in college I am usually so stressed about work that I forget that Pittsburgh is actually a very fun town with plenty of attractions. Sandcastle, located just behind the stores at the Waterfront, offers 14 slides, a lazy river (my favorite!) and a wave pool! This has inspired me to make more trips to discover other Pitt attractions. Do you guys have any suggestions?   


  1. I am honored to be the first one to comment!
    Well, my face is also on your blog, so how can I not? :P

    Love your writing, and adore your pictures! I am particularly curious what went through your mind as you were waiting and then actually going down that insanely vertical yellow slide.

  2. I was thinking... Am I crazy??? But the second thought was "If i chicken out now everyone will think i am a failure" Lol its funny I would rather slide down a vertical slide that is at least 5 stories high than have people see me as a failure!

  3. ahh i love water parks. especially on really hot days. i have always been way too chicken to go on the huge slides, though. glad to see you had fun! :)