Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blueberry Pancakes

I have only spent a week in New Jersey and it is already time for me to go to Pittsburgh! I am glad I took a week to unwind, catch up with my family and friends and not work for a while. Therefore I was inspired today to wake up and treat myself to Blueberry and Almond Pancakes. I am a lazy cook, but a picky eater; therefore, I am always looking for those yummy dishes that take minimum effort but pay huge dividends for my taste buds. 

Its simple
2 cups of Bisquick
1 cup of Milk
2 eggs
Blueberries (to your heart's content)
Sliced Almonds (to your heart's content) 

Mix the Bisquick, the milk and the eggs with a beater. 
Then scoop in handfuls of blueberries and almonds. 
Heat the griddle with a spoonful of butter and using a spoon scoop 1 to 1,5 spoonful of batter on the griddle. 

Wait 2 min on each side.
 And Voila! Delicious and easy pancakes! Add orange juice for a well balanced breakfast :) 

I am very excited about my trip to Pittsburgh because I can finally enjoy the city without worrying about classes or projects. However, it appears that I have a couple of projects for the future. I have an interview tomorrow for a job (I won't say for what because I am superstitious) But I have made plans to visit the Andy Warhol Museum, the South Park wavepool in Pittsburgh as well as Sand Castle! Does anyone have any suggestions on what I sound tryout in Pittsburgh?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Vintage Treasure Spots in Paris

So it has been almost a week since I have left Paris, but since I have finished unpacking,  I have been incorporating my vintage parisian pieces into my summer wardrobe and I love that it 1. gives any outfit I wear a certain novelty and 2. makes me feel as though a part of Paris is always with me.

Some amazing places to go treasure hunting:

Le Marais
Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie
From antique hats, to discount designer threads to thrift stores, this street is affordable and makes hunting for vintage pieces super fun!  My favorite store was Freepstar- a thrift shop that carries vintage LV and Chanel. Tons of Fur vests and coats for 30 euros, Burberry Trenches for 50 euros and an amazing collection of belts, jean shirts and vests, floral dresses and vintage boots. Aside from the affordable price-tag, it also has a lot of options for all seasons. Just be sure to go early in the day since it gets really cramped during the afternoon. I am really in love with the vintage LV i scored for 20 euros (the zipper was broken on one side and the lining was old- nothing a leather store can't fix :))

Le Marche aux Puces- Porte de Clignancourt
I really love the Marche Dauphine- a two story vintage market that has consingment stores, poster stores, jewelry and furniture shops. My favorite finds were two vintage belts I got for 10 euros and a vintage necklace and glass earrings I bought as presents for my friends.  Make sure to wear comfortable and light clothes because most of the stores do not have changing rooms so you will have to try on that Celine dress in the middle of the store. Also many of the stores are really poorly organized, therefore you have to really have a good idea to find that perfect accessory. However, it is also a very good opportunity to get a good bargain and add history to you outfit!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Packing Tips!

This post is dedicated to those who love to arrive at one place with one bag but leave with three. I'm sure many of you can identify with the Packing Crisis. Because.. even though you try to pack your best outfits for the chicest city in the world... some how you manage to forget those platform heels..and of course you have to have a pair of those tennis shoes (whaddya call em? Chipie?) that all the cool parisian girls wear.. and thus you find yourself with 11 pairs of shoes when you know you only bought 3 pairs. (where did the extra 7 come from??) 

Therefore some travel tips I have picked up on this summer for those who like to shop a bit when there abroad

#1 The essentials- Two large 22kg (50 pound) Bags, One carry on and a chic tote. 

Put the smaller carry-on bag in a large bag and pack till its about 3/5th full. 
This has three advantages:
      - it keeps one from over-packing 
      - it eliminates the hassle of a carry on. Because you have your chic Travel tote hand-bag (Great thing about Airports.. they don't differentiate a backpack from a handbag) you can junk as many magazines as your heart desires. 
      - If the authorities say "Mademoiselle, your luggage is 3 kg over the limit you can show what a savvy traveller you are and pull out your carry-on and transfer some clothes (i suggest sweater because they keep their shape easily and if the airplane is cold you can stay warm or use one as a pillow). 

Try the Samsonite Hommage II (I really love the tan stripe, which I think should be the official color for travellers. Comes in blue or sage green and in a variety of sizes)

Don't bother with shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, mosturizer, hairspray etc because they have all those things (even the same friends) wherever you go and you can easily buy them near the same price. Plus it's an opportunity to try those interesting european brands you have always wanted. 

#3 No you do not need your hair-curler. 
Ladies... I know we are romantics and think that our vacation will be as picturesque as a magazine cover, but if you are on vacation...why do you want to bother with a hair-curler or a straightner? Instead let this be a vacation for you hair as well! But if you must..check out these TRAVEL sized hairtools from Missiko and make sure to always use a spray before!

Chi Mini Flat Iron
Hot Tools Helix Cordless
(My Favorite) T3 Tourmaline Pro Mini

#4 Outfit on the plane- Leggings,Chipies, T-shirt, Cardigan, Blazer, Scarf
 American Apparel is always a comfy and chic option

#5 Jewelry
Pearls. Diamond earrings. That necklace that goes with everything. Statement earrings. State necklace. Your beautiful Timepiece

#6 Electronics- Camera. 
This would be ideal.. and I am a hypocrite for suggesting it because.. I cannot live without my laptop, or my Itouch or my phone... but truthfully speaking its a vacation... getaway from the crazed technology world and your work for a bit. I guarantee you will feel refreshed! 

I know packing is one of those unpleasant things about travelling but if you prepare and use some trips, it makes it so much easier and hassle free!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Leaving Paris and turing 20 at the same time??

I don't know how this happened.. or how I got to this point. I have somehow spent 8 weeks in Paris in a flash and now I am also turning 20? the big two zero really?. I remember when I turned 18, it was a thrill... I was "legal" but still a teenager.. basically I entered the age to have fun.. but now that I have a 2 in my digits... does this mean things will change? In 30 hours (Paris Time), I will be entering a new decade. 

To say that 20 sneaked up on me would be an understatement. I felt that this past year has been an adventure- I lived in an apartment,  I found out I really love marketing, I went to Africa, Worked in Paris in a luxury tourism company, took classes in Paris, Started a blog and made incredible friends all around the world. 

Throughout my teen years, I wasn't very confident in my decision making skills. It took time for me to understand who I am, what are my principles, what I like and don't like. The years were uncomfortable as I doubted the decisions I made and fought to establish my own opinion. However, while I was walking aimlessly around the Marais, it dawned on me that I have finally come to that place where I know my taste, and have that confidence to choose for myself what I want. 

I feel that my 8 weeks alone in Paris, has much to do with this new confidence. I lived in an environment that was completely unknown to me, and not only did i survive, I managed to complete my internship and make professional connections, I took classes, and I made new and wonderful friends. More importantly I gained a cultural understanding about the French culture which has inspired me to travel all around the world and experience more cultures!

Here is my wishlist for my Bday

1. Sexy Iphone 4 (I know it has glitches.. but come on.. look at the style!)

2. Nikon D-90 (So I can continue my hobby for photography)
3. Macbook Pro (Just Cause)
4. CS5 (Im becoming obsessed)

Therefore I will end the Post with my goals for this next decade:

1. Volunteer in India
2. L'Oreal Internship in Paris
3. Continue to Blog (Two entries a week)
4. Have more adventures with my friends
5. Visit Japan
6. Find an awesome job in Brand Management that I love
7. Keep finding Vintage Treasures
8. Build myself an amazing closet
9. Live/ work in NYC
10. Live everyday to the fullest. I know it may sound cheesy.. but thats truly the secret behind true happiness according to Parisians :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I like... sold on SOLDES!

It is the beginning of July and the operative word on the street is "SOLDES". The semi-annual, SOLDES defines the beginning of the Parisian summer, starting on the 30th June and ending on the 3rd of August. Since sales are regulated in france, they run generally in the winter, after christmas, and in the summer, with designer items slashed down by 80%!

Of course one has to ask oneself if there could be better timing to adopt a Parisian wardrobe?!!Here are a couple of tips and trucs on how to get the best deals, where to shop and what to buy!

Survival Skills ( For you wallet)
For the ladies who consider themselves Pro-shoppers, I have to warn you that your skills will be put to the test when a petit brunette with chic bangs has her eye on the same "it" floral jumpsuit of the summer season. Keep in mind, these girls are more experienced and have already mastered the art of Parisian Chic. So how do we level the playing field?

Start Early! -- as we know, "The Early bird gets the worm" or in our case the size. If you have had an eye on that studded leather jacket for the last 2 months, go early the first day of sales so make sure you get your size. The shopping in the first week is all about getting the perfect size for that perfect item that you have been zealously craving.

Play Hookie! - The best time to avoid the frenzy of the crown is to go on weekday mornings. Many Parisians even take of a day at work so they can walk the street of Le Marais to find the best deals!

Your Uniform- Leggings, T-shirt and Flats.  This will save you time in the fitting rooms, or in some cases avoid the fitting room altogether. Ladies, you will be running around Paris looking for that perfect pair of Jeans, and although you cannot wear your sneakers from your last marathon (strict NO-NO, Parisians do not wear sneakers) The flat is the perfect style solution.

Quality Vs. Price- Although this is SOLDES so basically everything is heavily discounted, a Parisian always balances quality against price. Yes those pair of gladiator sandals are 5 euros, no they do not fit you feet. End of discussion. Done. Yes ladies this is a battle, you have to be cut-throat.

Map it out. Like any good general going into battle, you have to know your terrain! Where should you go? What do you want to buy? I always check out the different shops a week before SOLDES so that I know exactly where I want to go in order to save time, effort and quickly pick up that Zara White Blazar you know would go heavenly with your tie-dyed distressed denim jeans.  If you like department stores, check out La Galleries Lafayette of Le Bon Marché. For up-coming designers, vintage and discount designer shops head to Les Halles or Le Marais!  

Always read the fine print!  It is important to always be aware of the return policy of the store because although that neon orange bathing suit looked good in the dressing room, you might feel otherwise when you try it on at home.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breakfast at YSL

It is only on very rare occasions that I find myself getting out of bed at 8am in the morning so that I can stand in line for a museum. However, exceptions must be made when it is to visit the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition at the Petit Palais.

Veruschka in safari suit, 1968, by Yves Saint Laurent French Vogue

My obsession with YSL started when I first saw the ad featuring Veruschka in a YSL Safari suit in 1968. The ad was fierce and, although the photo was shot by Franco Rubartelli in 1968, I found that it was edgy and modern enough to be featured in Vogue today.  Thus, as I anxiously anticipated my turn to enter the exhibit, I chatted with my friend about our most favorite YSL moments. She was especially excited to see the famous photo of Yves Saint Laurent by Irving Penn. Interestingly, the moment we entered the exhibit, we were greeted by the portrait of YSL hidden behind his hand. I found it an appropriate welcoming because Saint Laurent was thought to be shy and reclusive, yet he would reveal just enough so that we could see his personality. This also translated into his creations. Most of his famous pieces revealed skin just at the right places, and I could imagine that his muses felt particularly feminine and elegant in his creations.

Portrait of Yves Saint Laurent (Irving Penn)

My favorite collection in the exhibit would have to be his Indian inspired dresses! I was amazed that he could translate the shape of a sari into a gown. His jewel-encrusted jackets and coats were as elegant and royal as a maharani's ceremonial robe. I could tell that YSL didn't have inspirational boundaries. From Monet to Andy Warhol, anything that caught his attention found a place in his designs.

Saint Laurent gave freedom to haute-couture and paved the way for today’s designers to express themselves freely through their designs. More importantly, YSL democratized fashion. He took the male suit and gave it a feminine silhouette in the Smoking, created a controversy when he inaugurated the fragrance Opium, and surprised and entertained his audiences by continually changing his mode of expression. He was just free.

Africa Inspired Collection YSL (1967)

Le Smoking (1966)

I felt sad as I was leaving the exhibit. Although he had created over 15,000 haute-couture pieces, it saddened me to think that there will never be another dress designed by YSL. However, it is reassuring to know that YSL continues to carry Saint Laurent's daring vision as its core.

Photographed by Jean-Loup Sieff in 1971