Saturday, July 17, 2010

Packing Tips!

This post is dedicated to those who love to arrive at one place with one bag but leave with three. I'm sure many of you can identify with the Packing Crisis. Because.. even though you try to pack your best outfits for the chicest city in the world... some how you manage to forget those platform heels..and of course you have to have a pair of those tennis shoes (whaddya call em? Chipie?) that all the cool parisian girls wear.. and thus you find yourself with 11 pairs of shoes when you know you only bought 3 pairs. (where did the extra 7 come from??) 

Therefore some travel tips I have picked up on this summer for those who like to shop a bit when there abroad

#1 The essentials- Two large 22kg (50 pound) Bags, One carry on and a chic tote. 

Put the smaller carry-on bag in a large bag and pack till its about 3/5th full. 
This has three advantages:
      - it keeps one from over-packing 
      - it eliminates the hassle of a carry on. Because you have your chic Travel tote hand-bag (Great thing about Airports.. they don't differentiate a backpack from a handbag) you can junk as many magazines as your heart desires. 
      - If the authorities say "Mademoiselle, your luggage is 3 kg over the limit you can show what a savvy traveller you are and pull out your carry-on and transfer some clothes (i suggest sweater because they keep their shape easily and if the airplane is cold you can stay warm or use one as a pillow). 

Try the Samsonite Hommage II (I really love the tan stripe, which I think should be the official color for travellers. Comes in blue or sage green and in a variety of sizes)

Don't bother with shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, mosturizer, hairspray etc because they have all those things (even the same friends) wherever you go and you can easily buy them near the same price. Plus it's an opportunity to try those interesting european brands you have always wanted. 

#3 No you do not need your hair-curler. 
Ladies... I know we are romantics and think that our vacation will be as picturesque as a magazine cover, but if you are on vacation...why do you want to bother with a hair-curler or a straightner? Instead let this be a vacation for you hair as well! But if you must..check out these TRAVEL sized hairtools from Missiko and make sure to always use a spray before!

Chi Mini Flat Iron
Hot Tools Helix Cordless
(My Favorite) T3 Tourmaline Pro Mini

#4 Outfit on the plane- Leggings,Chipies, T-shirt, Cardigan, Blazer, Scarf
 American Apparel is always a comfy and chic option

#5 Jewelry
Pearls. Diamond earrings. That necklace that goes with everything. Statement earrings. State necklace. Your beautiful Timepiece

#6 Electronics- Camera. 
This would be ideal.. and I am a hypocrite for suggesting it because.. I cannot live without my laptop, or my Itouch or my phone... but truthfully speaking its a vacation... getaway from the crazed technology world and your work for a bit. I guarantee you will feel refreshed! 

I know packing is one of those unpleasant things about travelling but if you prepare and use some trips, it makes it so much easier and hassle free!

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