Friday, July 16, 2010

Leaving Paris and turing 20 at the same time??

I don't know how this happened.. or how I got to this point. I have somehow spent 8 weeks in Paris in a flash and now I am also turning 20? the big two zero really?. I remember when I turned 18, it was a thrill... I was "legal" but still a teenager.. basically I entered the age to have fun.. but now that I have a 2 in my digits... does this mean things will change? In 30 hours (Paris Time), I will be entering a new decade. 

To say that 20 sneaked up on me would be an understatement. I felt that this past year has been an adventure- I lived in an apartment,  I found out I really love marketing, I went to Africa, Worked in Paris in a luxury tourism company, took classes in Paris, Started a blog and made incredible friends all around the world. 

Throughout my teen years, I wasn't very confident in my decision making skills. It took time for me to understand who I am, what are my principles, what I like and don't like. The years were uncomfortable as I doubted the decisions I made and fought to establish my own opinion. However, while I was walking aimlessly around the Marais, it dawned on me that I have finally come to that place where I know my taste, and have that confidence to choose for myself what I want. 

I feel that my 8 weeks alone in Paris, has much to do with this new confidence. I lived in an environment that was completely unknown to me, and not only did i survive, I managed to complete my internship and make professional connections, I took classes, and I made new and wonderful friends. More importantly I gained a cultural understanding about the French culture which has inspired me to travel all around the world and experience more cultures!

Here is my wishlist for my Bday

1. Sexy Iphone 4 (I know it has glitches.. but come on.. look at the style!)

2. Nikon D-90 (So I can continue my hobby for photography)
3. Macbook Pro (Just Cause)
4. CS5 (Im becoming obsessed)

Therefore I will end the Post with my goals for this next decade:

1. Volunteer in India
2. L'Oreal Internship in Paris
3. Continue to Blog (Two entries a week)
4. Have more adventures with my friends
5. Visit Japan
6. Find an awesome job in Brand Management that I love
7. Keep finding Vintage Treasures
8. Build myself an amazing closet
9. Live/ work in NYC
10. Live everyday to the fullest. I know it may sound cheesy.. but thats truly the secret behind true happiness according to Parisians :)

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