Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I like... sold on SOLDES!

It is the beginning of July and the operative word on the street is "SOLDES". The semi-annual, SOLDES defines the beginning of the Parisian summer, starting on the 30th June and ending on the 3rd of August. Since sales are regulated in france, they run generally in the winter, after christmas, and in the summer, with designer items slashed down by 80%!

Of course one has to ask oneself if there could be better timing to adopt a Parisian wardrobe?!!Here are a couple of tips and trucs on how to get the best deals, where to shop and what to buy!

Survival Skills ( For you wallet)
For the ladies who consider themselves Pro-shoppers, I have to warn you that your skills will be put to the test when a petit brunette with chic bangs has her eye on the same "it" floral jumpsuit of the summer season. Keep in mind, these girls are more experienced and have already mastered the art of Parisian Chic. So how do we level the playing field?

Start Early! -- as we know, "The Early bird gets the worm" or in our case the size. If you have had an eye on that studded leather jacket for the last 2 months, go early the first day of sales so make sure you get your size. The shopping in the first week is all about getting the perfect size for that perfect item that you have been zealously craving.

Play Hookie! - The best time to avoid the frenzy of the crown is to go on weekday mornings. Many Parisians even take of a day at work so they can walk the street of Le Marais to find the best deals!

Your Uniform- Leggings, T-shirt and Flats.  This will save you time in the fitting rooms, or in some cases avoid the fitting room altogether. Ladies, you will be running around Paris looking for that perfect pair of Jeans, and although you cannot wear your sneakers from your last marathon (strict NO-NO, Parisians do not wear sneakers) The flat is the perfect style solution.

Quality Vs. Price- Although this is SOLDES so basically everything is heavily discounted, a Parisian always balances quality against price. Yes those pair of gladiator sandals are 5 euros, no they do not fit you feet. End of discussion. Done. Yes ladies this is a battle, you have to be cut-throat.

Map it out. Like any good general going into battle, you have to know your terrain! Where should you go? What do you want to buy? I always check out the different shops a week before SOLDES so that I know exactly where I want to go in order to save time, effort and quickly pick up that Zara White Blazar you know would go heavenly with your tie-dyed distressed denim jeans.  If you like department stores, check out La Galleries Lafayette of Le Bon Marché. For up-coming designers, vintage and discount designer shops head to Les Halles or Le Marais!  

Always read the fine print!  It is important to always be aware of the return policy of the store because although that neon orange bathing suit looked good in the dressing room, you might feel otherwise when you try it on at home.

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