Sunday, May 23, 2010


I flew into Charles de Gaulle airport from Rwanda after spending 12 days teaching kids in Nonko how to use OLPC Laptops. The journey was very tiring and once I managed to reach the door steps of my 18th century apartment I crashed.

My Host:
Name: Mme LaFon

She is incredibly sweet and helpful! I adore her. She helped me take my 50pound suitcase up 4 flights of stairs! She is also very patient with my horrible french and terrible American accent. But I am learning fast and by the end of the day I was saying "Tout a l'heure" which is a very french way of saying "see you soon". Her apartment is very charming, decorated by morroccan accents (influenced by her ex-husband) and african tribal arts. I bought her a little Rwandan mask and a bowl which fit perfectly into the decor. My room itself looks like a print ad page from Ikea. I love it! A good way to describe it would be: if Carrie Bradshaw had taken her manhattan apartment to Paris, my room would be the result. There is a gigantic window near my desk which always inspires me to write on my blog.

Speaking of my blog!
A big thanks to the wonderful Louis de Valliere for customizing it! He made sure I had it by the time I was settled into Paris (which is why this blog entry is 4 days late). My vision for this blog is to be a picture blog and a complete record of my experience in Paris: what I learned, what not to do, what I ate etc. Please leave comments! I love them! I look forward to critiques. Tell me what you like, Tell me what you hate. I hope to change my perception as well as other's perception of how they view French Culture.

Tout a l'heure!

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  1. Oh I LOVE the room. It is a minimalist's dreams room! Much like yourself =)