Friday, June 11, 2010

Marie Antoinette-- Paris Hilton of her time?

Our visit to the Petit Trianon was most enjoyable as we got a peek into Marie Antoinette's life.


As we were walking, Amy sighed and said "Oh Marie-Antoinette, I understand you." Which got me thinking, history has written off Marie Antoinette as a spendthrift, detached from reality and an arrogant queen. However, looking at her simple home-away-from-Versailles,  it seemed that what Antoinette desired above all is solitude from the court life. Why did it feel that dear Marie had been misunderstood her whole life?

At the Entrance of her Chateau

As an austrian Princess who was betrothed to a prince of an enemy nation, I doubt Marie was thrilled at the age of 14 to leave behind her lax courtesan life in Austria (and her dog) to come live in the rigid palace life of Versailles. Since it was apparent that the nobles were not keen on being friends with her, I think Antoinette protected herself through an arrogant attitude. She couldn't speak the language, she didn't know the customs, and people were not very inviting. Furthermore, although she was friends with her husband Louis, there wasn't love in their relationship, which i'm sure added to her loneliness.

Therefore, she found refuge in spending the ridiculous fortunes given to royals. From both her little house in Trianon and from her taste, Marie had a passion for the theatre and drama. In a way, I feel she always loved to have eyes on her, kind of like our modern-day Paris Hilton. She loved luxury and she loved fun, as we can tell from various tables and chairs throughout her little castle, she loved to gamble and play games. She even built herself a charming miniature village close to the Petit Trianon!

Her Personal Theatre

The Chairs in the Music Room

The Little Village behind the Petit Trianon

However these places, were just for her.  It was her escape from the politics of the French court and it shows me she must have wanted to stay a little child in her heart to hide herself and her loneliness.

I believe, Marie experienced centuries in advance, what current celebrities live through everyday. The  commoners (us) are fascinated by the lifestyles of the rich and famous. We want to know everything for our amusement and we do not hesitate to judge them in a second. Yes I think two closets is excessive (ahem Maria Carrie) but I also feel for Antoinette's loneliness. I wonder how many celebrities use their black american express card to fill their solitude and how many of them feel like a Marie-Antoinette- judged and misunderstood?

More Shots and Random Thoughts

I loved the design and the color of the railings.

The Chairs in her private Salon behind her Bedroom.

This couple decided to do a photo shoot usisg Antoinette's little getaway to tell the story. What a wonderful idea! 

Marie's Litte Pond with a LOT of big fish (Look closely and you can see them!)

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