Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why not... be Goth?

I walked the streets of the older paris this week since my assignment was to choose 3 medieval structures and analyze their architecture. At first I cringed my nose since medieval reminded me of goth and that to me are people who wear all black, wear skeletal jewelry (though some are quite fabulous) and dark kohl around their eyes. However gothic architecture?  How could that translate?

Nevertheless after walking into Notre Dame my ignorant soul was singing the praise of gothic design! Here are some things I learned this week.

It was all about the churches!
In the middle ages, churches were important edifices because religion was an escape for the people from the diseases and the attacks on their village.  

The Churches are elevated with towers and bells. This design has two important feature, the bells indicated the time for prayer as well as warned villagers about attacks or enemy invasion. 

Therefore in order to be able to alert the town, the walls of the churches had to be quite tall and we see many pointed arches used for design as well as practicality.  The flying buttress was also introduced to support the high walls

The stained glass window was also an important gothic design as the painting illustrated stories from the bible and controled the light inside the churches. 

I was most amazed at how middle age architecture incorporated practicality and design! 

And now for more pics!

The Gates of Notre Dame.

This is to illustrate both the magnificent arches of Notre Dame as well as the immense height of the church.

I also visited St. Germain-des-Pres and not only was it a favorite of the middle ages but also for existentialism.  I myself found the Place a little interesting since the ancient Eglise is right across from a Louis Vuitton!

The gates of the churches. You can see the similar gothic styles of both St Germain and Notre Dame!

I was behind two nuns in line for Notre Dame. They seemed to have so much fun! Jealous of her camera!

Un petit marché  des trucs. 
Random little shop I walked into by accident had the most interesting things almostlike a hidden attic!

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  1. I love your pictures! It really captures the essence of Paris (although I've only been there once...with you, lol!) What kind of camera are you using? When you come home we should take random/artsy pictures of the garden state =)

    ~Sumona (Ignore my name on here. Its from a blog me and Andria made a couple of years ago, haha)