Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where the night takes you...

Although I am a sucker for the Eiffel Tower, I realized last night that I still haven't paid homage to this magnificent structure in my blog posts. Therefore i grabbed my camera at 11pm and met my new friends at Javel station to catch the midnight light show. 

A pre-midnight snack at a crepe stand along the Seine. 
I marveled at how Parisians can make a tower look magical when it could have easily ended up looking like a giant christmas tree. But lucky for them, I am also a big fan of Christmas.

This was a very blurry pic that I liked because there is so much to take in near the tower that everything just becomes a blur of light. 

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  1. wow there is something really magical about the Eiffel tower. And as you said, it could just be...well, a tower. The French really know how to turn anything into a work of art! I wish i could go there again :) Keep the posts coming