Saturday, June 5, 2010

Paris Moments

You know you are in paris when...

You look to see if there are any cars before crossing and the Eiffel Tower is chilling in the background

You have no idea why the man in the ad in pointing a gun at you but you don't care because the trains are on time!

You sunbathe by in a little garden called the Tuilleries

You carry a motorcycle helmet. Always. (Tuilleries) 

Again the Eiffel Tower is just chilling in the background (Place de la Concorde). 

And you don't care if you are stuck in a traffic jam (Opposite Arc de Triomphe).

This was a random little post to showcase some photo moments that I thought were very awesome. I hope it amused you. These are sights that are very famous in Paris, and its amazing that I can find them by surprise when I exit a metro or stop by a road-crossing! Paris always works its charm on me day or night!


  1. so true, your blog is amazing and so thought provoking. i think of how the eiffel tower is just a part of quotidien life here, the indirect yet effective advertisements, and the people - so true to themselves.

    keep on writing =)

    xoxo, amy
    your parisian friend, or parisian in the making.

  2. omg these totally make me miss paris, sooooooo jealous!

    btw- u take amazing pictures!