Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I like... Street Watching

As in any city, I love observing people and their interactions! While walking through Paris for my class, I entertained myself by observing my surroundings. A classmate asked me "why are you taking pictures of people" and my answer? "Is there anything better to do?" 

Street Style
A Parisian never leaves the house without heels

window shopping at Palais Royal

this wasn't actually street watching. she is a girl from my class and while the teacher bored us with french architecture, i clicked away with my camera. Don't you think her glasses are cool?

Crazy Tight.

waiting, chic.

all the time in the world

Les Kooples. I love that Parisian couples are always chic and never "too" into each other 

(It was so hard to get a shot of this couple, my pics are fuzzy, but u can see the complementary styles of the two) 

Gallerie Near Palais Royale.


  1. omg i love love LOVE that jimmy choo bag!!!!

  2. Me too! I felt like a stalker taking the Pic but i wanted to remember it!